Toothpaste is something that most of us just idly toss into our shopping trolley when we are doing the rounds at the super market, probably not giving it a second thought. But toothpaste has a fascinating history and is subject to debates about which of the huge variety of styles is preferable.

On the pages of this site you can find out about what goes into toothpaste, how it is best to use it and what oral health issues you will be avoiding by buying the right toothpaste and using it effectively. You can also find information about the use of fluoride; still a controversial issue for some.

We all have our own home oral hygiene routine but when is it best to brush your teeth? You'll find handy hints and more in these pages, so read on to find out more information about toothpaste. Who, knows? Next time you are shopping and you come across the toothpaste aisle you might just look at them all a little differently!